BlueTraker (EMA company) develops and manufactures advanced solutions for tracking and monitoring of fishing (VMS) and commercial vessels (LRIT and SSAS) based on hybrid mobile and satellite technology. BlueTraker offers a full range of intelligent, remotely operable machine-to-machine equipment and systems, including onboard hardware, satellite airtime services, and advanced backend software solutions.

BlueTraker SSAS System is a Ship Security Alert System that provides a failsafe way to trigger a silent alarm in case of a security threat (piracy attack) and notify the ship’s owner or an SSAS management party.

BlueTraker LRIT System offers a reliable, safe and secure, truly global Long Range Identification and Tracking solution for all types of vessels.

Both solutions also came in the Arctic version and are the world’s only terminals capable of withstanding the extreme and cold environments of Sea area A4 (certified for operating temperatures down to – 50°C).